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When we mention home-made dishes, we think of the delicious food that our mothers and grandmothers prepared for us. That is why they are domestic, because we connect them with home. Home-made dishes mainly belong to Slovene cuisine, but the cuisine is not that simple – Slovene cuisine contains quite a few subcategories, according to some estimates as many as 40.

Namely, three large European cultures are mixed in Slovenia, namely Mediterranean, Alpine and Pannonian, and this is also reflected in the cuisine. Each basic recipe has several different variants depending on the landscape, and each landscape also offers its own specialties.

Hotel Jakec offers typical home-made dishes such as stews, various home-made soups, sausages, sauerkraut, žganci, štruklji, potica, gibanice and pastries (honey pastries, donuts and flancati).

Our specialty is also the Pohorje pot, which you can prepare at home according to our recipe (recipe for preparing the Pohorje pot). For the right one, visit Hotel Jakec! 🙂